People have been using the different social networking sites in promoting their small business for quite a while now. It is not uncommon for a small business to have its own Twitter profile or a Facebook fan page. The latest addition in the world of social media platforms is Pinterest – an online place where people can share photos of things and products (or absolutely anything) that they are “interested in” and share these with their network of people. Soon enough, business-minded individuals saw the potential marketing value of this social networking site in extending their base for advertising. Today, there are a lot of Pinterest users who share and “Repin” images related to their small business or product promotions. There is a fine line, though, between abusing the platform for advertising purposes and losing a network of followers and maintaining a profile suited to one who values the real essence of social networking.

A good tip is to have a blog (or better yet – a website) dedicated to your product or small business. Having an image of your products or services on the said blog is an excellent start, because the image is “pinnable”. Adding an image and a “Pin It” button to every blog post is quintessential to your purpose. Aside from the Pinterest value of this, most online surfers are visual readers. This means that having images or videos on your blog or site will give you a higher chance that they will read the rest of what you have to say or offer. As a user pins your image in Pinterest, a direct link is created back to your blog. This is a good link-building method as well.

Here’s a snapshot of one of our boards – Home Office- on our Pinterest.

Make sure that you take time and effort in engaging with both your actual and prospective customers online. This improves the chances of them pinning their favorites to your boards and commenting as well. This can turn into a viral networking effort through their friends and acquaintances. Through interaction with your customers, you give them the assurance that you are a real person and not simply an artificial intelligence clone or an automated reply application. People are more drawn to engage in personal conversations than through automated responses. This is vital in your goal of expanding your customer base and consumer following. It does not matter whether you are a part of a huge company or the owner of a small business. The vital thing to keep in mind is to avoid people from thinking that you are only using pinterest for your personal gains. This loses the interest of these prospects to be a part of your social network. This is just as important as any other method of marketing and advertising, perhaps even more important, since Pinterest allows you to actually experience real people and interact with them. A direct conversation between two or more people can be more effective than other forms of online advertisements in general. Using Pinterest in promoting your small business is one smart step to take.

This terrific little eBook shows you everything you need to know about Pinterest and how to use it effectively in your small business.

The 38 Page Guide is divided into three easy to follow sections with graphics and instructions on how to use and master Pinterest.

So if you’re interested in using Pinterest to it’s best advantage in your small business then I can thoroughly recommend this eBook.

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