The constant pressure for small business to promote their products and services can be stressful for the average business owner. You know you have to promote your business to get it ‘out there’ but how and where do you start?

Promotion is the mix of all the ways you choose to get your business out to the public. This can include direct selling, your website, social media efforts, PR and of course your advertising. To get the right mix you need to know your target market and have a plan and budget to get your message to them. There are many ways you can achieve this using a mixture of free and paid promotional aids.
Social media is not a fad, it is an economical and smart way to promote your business – if you haven’t jumped on the social media cycle yet, you need to.

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Below is a collection of ideas that just might help you or at least make the process a whole lot easier for you to understand.

Marketing Guidance
Here we’ve had fun compiling marketing ideas. Use them as a guide when creating your own marketing plan.

Promotional Calendar Advice
If you don’t use a promotional calendar in your business to help with planning your marketing then you should take a look at this page. It’s a simple run down on how you can plan your marketing strategies for the year.

Promotional Exchange System
Have you ever considered a promotional exchange system with businesses that compliment yours? We have!

Promoting Your Business
If you want your business to thrive, you must promote it. And since you probably are your business, you must promote yourself.

100 Promotional Tips
Just that, a list of 100 tips that will get your brain thinking about how you can promote your business easily and with Little cost.

Celebrity Promotion
Have you ever thought of sending sample products to celebrities and maybe they’ll wear or use them and like them!

Detailed Advertising Budget Advice
Here you’ll find some advice from the professionals when it comes to advertising your business.