Marketing on Facebook is a great way to drum up business, but only if it is done right. If you are planning to harness social media, you need to take the planning portion seriously. Facebook marketing takes time, effort, and energy, all of which will be wasted if you do not understand how you are to use it.

This means doing everything from identifying a target audience, to developing milestones you want/need to reach to be deemed successful, to formulating a way to achieve those milestones via interesting content. It even involves maintaining your success. People can unlike a page just as quickly as they can like it… is that going to happen to you?

Milestones are important because they let you know when what you are doing is working. If you have no goal, how do you know when you’re achieving it?

This article overviews some of the most important aspects of Facebook marketing in the hopes of educating you enough for you to formulate a successful Facebook plan – before you jump in alone.

Get those Likes

A huge goal of Facebook marketing is to get people to subscribe to your group by clicking ‘Like’. When they click this button, every one of their friends can then see your product and that their friend enjoys it. I cannot over emphasize the importance of this, this is the network marketing that makes Facebook so appealing to marketers in the first place.

If you reach your core group and get them to ‘Like’ you, their friends may just give you a try too!

Knowing your audience

Knowing your audience is an important factor in any business plan, you have to target a group of people if you want the most success. On Facebook, this can be particularly well done if you consider some of the things those in your audience tend to Like (as well as your product), this will enable you to target them even more efficiently.

Run incentives. FREQUENTLY!

In particular, run incentives for fans who have Liked your page. This will encourage people to make that click, and reward them for doing so. To understand how to offer adequate incentives, focus on your target audience and what they seem to want.

Once you know what they want, give it to them. Not too hard, right?

Understanding social media

Marketers on Facebook need to realize that it is, first and foremost, a social media site. People are looking to connect with other people, and with ideas! They want the person updating your content to be good at it, a consistent status builder would be great. Add a little humor, experiment with advertising other products you think your group would like.

And above all? RESPOND WHENEVER THEY COMMENT! If you respond, you are opening the door for a two way relationship, making your fan feel especially connected to your group and increasing the chances that they will Like your product.

Something not all marketers realize is that over three quarters of their Facebook activity is done by about 10% of their fans. This goes back to why we target our audience, but it’s also about relationships. The higher quality the perceived relationship is, the more active your fans will be.

Maintaining your traffic

Once you have people Liking your page, you need to keep them interested. This means that the Facebook strategy you employ must be compatible for a long term effort. This is not the case of a single week you will be working particularly hard in, this is long term effort you will need to put in to not only get people to become fans, but to keep your fans interested.

If they can Like it, they can Unlike it.


The main point I want to leave you with is that you need to have a plan before going into Facebook. If you go in blind and ignorant of who you’re trying to attract and what you’re trying to do, it will show.