Is your Facebook page looking a bit lackluster? Could it use a bit of a freshen up to make it sparkle again?  The tips discussed here should help you freshen up your page and get it back to working perfectly for your social media marketing needs.

Ensure that the timeline is used to its best advantage

Your Facebook page timeline is of course the most crucial part of your page and needs to be displayed in the best way possible to attract attention and likers . On the timeline, the right photos need to be displayed to communicate clearly your business brand. The timeline cover picture is of course the most important part of your page when someone visits for the first time. Here you get the chance to imprint your branding and tell a little about your business. The size of your timeline cover picture needs to be 828 x 464 pixels (optimal size). Here’s our Facebook timeline cover picture. You can see it has our logo and then it lists a few of our features.

You can also see the smaller 180 x 180 pixel  (360 x 360 pixel optimal size) profile picture. We decided to go with one of our advertising images again to imprint branding. Some people like to put a picture of themselves here to personalise their business.

A good cover image and profile picture relating to your brand and a perfect description often catches the eyes of visitors to your page. You have now created the first impression of your business which should translate into more followers that may soon turn into potential customers for your products.

Freshen up your bio

The next step is write an engaging and inviting bio or about section that will quickly let visitors know what your business is about. It is advisable that you let your target audience know exactly what you offer in the about section. It is also important to make sure your website URL is visible on the main Facebook page when you have completed writing. This is crucial as many people will not go past the main page and you want your website link in front of people immediately. You can see what I mean in the picture below.
Choice of the right keywords while writing your bio is also important to help in capturing the attention of the target market and of course helping with your search engine optimisation efforts.

Add new and captivating photos

Timeline lets you post some rather large photos and this is great if you are going to showcase some of your products on your page.

The best size for a general shared wall photo is 504 x 504 pixels.

Best size for news feed is 940 x 788 to 1200 x 1200 pixels.

Link images are best sized at 600 x 314 pixels.

On your timeline you can post as many photos as you wish to attract more attention from visitors to your page. Remaining consistent in uploading good quality photos will help with your online presence and that in itself will attract new likers and build your Facebook community.

You also have the opportunity to change the smaller tab images if you like.
The size for those images are 111 x 74 pixels. You can’t change the image of the photo tab permanently though.

Here’s how to rename your tabs and change the image


  • Click the arrow at the far right of the row of Apps.
  • Hover over the Image until you see the Edit pencil icon in the upper right corner.
  • In the drop down list, choose Edit Settings. The Edit Settings box will pop up (shown above).
  • From here you can Remove the App, add a Custom Tab Image, and set a Custom Tab Name.
  • Start by adding your new tab name in the Custom Tab Name section, and click Save.
  • Now click Change above the text box.
  • In this new window, click Change again and in the popup, upload your 111 x 74 pixel new tab image.
  • When you’ve located the image on your hard drive and clicked Open, it will upload.
  • Now you can close this window and return to your Page. Click Okay in the Edit Settings box.
  • You’ll have to go to the apps own settings page to change links.

Use your link properly

Your Facebook page is a vehicle to getting more people to your website and interested in your business. Therefore you need to choose a URL that will land your visitors to pages on your website that they may be interested in. As already covered above your website URL to your homepage should already be showing in the about section. When you post on your page you then have the opportunity to direct visitors to other pages on your website. A good idea is once they land on your website, you need to ask them to leave their contact details in an opt-in box for further communication and contact so you can build your all important list.

Freshen up your friends

Your page isn’t about the number of likers that you have, it’s more about the number of people who are interacting with you on the page. An occasional ‘freshening up’ of friends can help you sort your frequent commenters on your updates from those long time inactive members.

Regular check up of your recent posts and update

A revisit on your recent posts will help you understand how others are hearing you. Through your posts, you should be able to ‘hear’ what your business intentions are and the effects the posts are having on your target market. Some posts may be very boring while others may sound too much self-promotion. Learn from this and begin to post in a more social way and offer advice and helpful information rather than business advertisements. Ineffective posts should be deleted and replaced with new catchy and effective ones. Appealing posts will get your social media marketing through Facebook on the right track and you will begin to achieve a good reputation.