Australian celebrities can ask fees of between $10000 to $100000 and more to endorse your products. We are not talking about that here, we are talking about how to get celebrities to use or wear your products for free because they like them!

Having a celebrity wear your products might not turn your sales into the millions but the promotion you can use by having a picture or written endorsement can certainly lift your profile. You can use your social networks to let others know ‘so and so’ uses your products and you can post this on your blog etc.

It can be a ‘hit and miss’ process to get a celebrity to promote your products but it’s worth the try. You can send samples of your products to the celebrities of your choice and then keep an eye on them in the press as they might not reply to your offer. A direct letter asking them to use your product is of course sent with the product and try to encourage a response. You can send a follow up letter a week after the first asking if they liked your product.

Local personalities are a good place to start for endorsements. Do you know of any local celebrities in your area?

Have you thought of any social media ‘celebrities’? Think of the people who are very popular in their area and have a good following in their niche – will they endorse your products if you send them samples? This is a good way to get in the eyes of a new set of customers.
Margaret Gee’s Australian Celebrity Contact Directory’ is a wonderful celebration of the immense talent within Australia. High profile designers, writers, media personalities, lawyers, artists, doctors, chefs, environmentalists, business leaders, community workers, educationalists, government and political representatives, and a vast array of brilliant sports people and entertainers are all listed.

* And don’t forget GOOGLE!

* Keep an eye on your local magazines and newspapers for celebrity news in your area