1. If you had someone mention your business on their website or blog then promote this by posting the link on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  2. Send some of your products to ‘review’ sections of popular/relative magazines and newspapers. Letter Template
  3. Use a promotional calendar – simply add all your promotional ideas in the dates you want them launched. This gives you a clear set of promotional goals that can be ‘tweaked’ when needed and you can plan well in advance for special occasions like Christmas advertising.
  4. Give some of your products to a complimentary business to use in competitions. Run competitions yourself to promote your website and products.
  5. Press releases – constantly send out good press releases to your media list or use a press release distribution service.
  6. Car stickers – vehicle lettering – be creative with this cheap way of advertising.
  7. Banner swaps – approach online businesses with the idea of swapping banners. This gives you all a much wider audience for your advertising.
  8. Collect great information and ideas that your market will be interested in and send out an E-book. You can promote this E-book all through your social networks.
  9. Write for blogs as a guest blogger – this gets your website and ideas to many more people.
  10. Give away free samples if possible for a limited time – this can be linked to joining your newsletter so you increase your marketing reach.
  11. Write and post your comments and ideas on relevant forums – join networks that compliment your business.
  12. Offer your local radio station some free products to run a competition with.
  13. There’s a nifty little gadget around called the picture keyring – a keyring that you can upload pictures onto – think about using that for a business giveaway with pictures of your products!
  14. Fridge magnets are handy and they do get used for business purposes – create something original and yours will get used too.
  15. Create a YouTube video that can be used on your website, blog and sent with emails etc.
  16. Have an open day so people can see your premises and how you do what you do.
  17. Use testimonials on your website to give customers a better idea of what people think of your products.
  18. Create a monthly newsletter that would interest your customers – it doesn’t have to be all about your business – find articles, videos etc that your market would like. Create some buzz and get them to forward it.
  19. Use your social networks to their full advantage – find ways to automate the process – be interesting!
  20. Make sure your telephone messages/voicemail are clear and professional
  21. Offer a guarantee to your customers – not many people will use it but just knowing it is available gives people more confidence when purchasing from your website.
  22. Get reviewed – get your products and services reviewed so you can use the reviews to market yourself.
  23. Refresh your website content – think about changing the word ‘I’ to ‘You’ and see the difference.
  24. Respond to all correspondence within 24 hours.
  25. For something different why not put your email signature at the top of your correspondence.
  26. EBay – it’s more than just second hand goods – many shops use EBay as another outlet for their products – check it out, it generates serious traffic.
  27. Get some T-shirts or mugs printed up with your business logo – don’t be boring – get them to match your market!
  28. Donate prizes to hospitals, schools, clubs, charities, blogs etc to get your name around. They will then promote the prize and you!
  29. Create a good ‘About Us’ page and privacy policy to build trust in your website and brand.
  30. Guest books – Lots of websites have these, leave a polite and useful message and a link to your website on sites that compliment yours.
  31. Use free classifieds to sell your products.
  32. Create a sitemap for your website – it helps with your SEO and visitors often use them.
  33. Offer a free service of some sort on your website – eg; a research room where visitors can find info or answers to common questions.
  34. Utilise Google – GoogleAds, Google Base and Adwords are some of their features.
  35. Use Flickr – create a profile, write descriptions and links to your website. Use your own photos!
  36. Use surveys on your sites and blog – this creates interactivity which people like.
  37. Comment on chatrooms and create a buzz about your business and products.
  38. Create a blog log and then promote it – eg; A blog log of 50 top Australian business sites can be found here (on your website!)
  39. Podcasts – This is a great way to show customers the benefits of your products or service.
  40. Create a video on how to make something or solve a common problem that relates to your market.
  41. Offer free help or consultations.
  42. Give out or post flyers everywhere – printed or E-flyers!
  43. If you have enough members consider running a competition like ‘blog awards’.
  44. Ask your customers for referrals and reward them for doing so.
  45. Attend exhibitions and expos in your field to attract new customers and outlets.
  46. Sponsor your local school footy team, netball team etc.
  47. Create an online directory for your particular customer market.
  48. Consider sending out ‘real’ letters when a customer joins your website or purchases from you.
  49. Write articles and show the world you know what you are talking about when it comes to your area of business.
  50. Contact other businesses and ask if they would like to swap products to sell. Or ask if they would like to sell your products on commission.


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